About Us

About AbrakaMall

Abraka Mall is an online marketplace in Delta state designed to help store owners, entrepreneurs and the general public sell their goods and services.
It offers a third-party online marketplace, as well as direct retail service. Spanning across various categories including consumer electronics, fashion, home appliances, books, children's items, computers & accessories, phones and tablets, health care and personal care products.

Abraka Mall started its massive expansion in Abraka which is a revolutionary option that allows solopreneurs and entrepreneurs in Delta State to showcase their products online.
With the success of Abraka Mall in abraka, ethiope east local government area of Delta state. It has made it possible for even roadside sellers to be involved from any part of the state.

Amazing products have been discovered and massive sales are made daily through this market.
The sellers and buyers interact in this marketplace through phone calls or WhatsApp Chat Messenger which is a very popular platform at the moment.
Unlimited opportunities have been created through this marketplace that has ended up boosting revenue and economic growth and development of the state.
Affiliate marketing and drop shipping has also become possible with this online marketplace.

Speaking with the CEO of Abraka Mall, in his words he said.
"We believe so much in community progress and that is why we have made our services to be readily available to the society, we even went as far as building a platform for anyone, not just AbrakaMall, to sell and prosper.
"We launched this platform to a small number of sellers during it's infant stage and found out that there is a need for anyone to be welcomed to the platform as long as they are honest and reliable traders”

Getting Started With AbrakaMall. If you happened to come across our amazing platform, you will have to decide what kind of service you really want.
We offer two basic service.

1. We Provide a platform where you can search for products or services to purchase OR

2. We also provide a platform for Vendors to sell their products and services to the general public as fast as possible.
Let's start with the first category of service we offer.
A platform to purchase Products and Service.
You can make use of our platform using our mobile application or by simply using a browsing application .
Since mobile application is the new order of day, we have already gone through the stress of developing one for you.
You can download our mobile application from the Google play store, simply log on to your Android play store and search for AbrakaMall and click on download.
Peradventure you find it difficult to download from play store, you can also download from the link below.

Using a Browsing application

Simply type in the web address www.abrakamall.com on any browsing software such as chrome, Phxbrowser, safari etc.

Our platform is highly responsive, no matter the device or screen resolution you may wish to visit our platform it has been designed to fit perfectly on any screen.

You will be welcomed with an engaging homepage that consist of a banner advertisement, products and service display, categories page, your own personalized dashboard etc

We are very much concerned about building a community of loyal, honest and trustworthy individuals. Therefore clicking on any link or product will redirect you to a login page.

There are so many benefits you stand to gain by registering with us.

1. You get to receive best deals via SMS and emails.

2. Newsletter on the latest money making affiliate deals.

3. Discounted Coupons to make purchases on AbrakaMall and so much more.

A lot of factors are put in place to enable you make the right decision.
Factors like

1. Product Image: This is basically the first impression that encourages you to click on such products. That's why Vendor's go a long way in making their image look attractive and search worthy. Keep in mind that looks maybe deceiving.

2. Product Descriptions: This is a brief but well summarized feature of the product. It contains the key features of such product and what you're likely to get when you contact and purchase from such Vendor.

3. Product Fault: This feature mostly has to do with fairly used products. Vendor's are strictly advised to always provide the details of the fault of a product or service, if there's any. It goes a long way to display trust and integrity of a Vendor.

4. Nature of Product: Products displayed on AbrakaMall could be New, Uk used or Fairly used products. This often explains why some products are cheaper or more expensive when compared to others.

5. Vendor's Package: During registration, i'm quite sure you saw a list of package plans along with their different prices which a vendor can subscribe to.
These package plans, to an extent shows how serious a vendor is. The higher the package plan the more serious and guaranteed a vendor is in selling his/her products or services.

6. Vendor's star Rating: These are in form of stars which is attached to the vendors name. Just in the manner of how hotels are ascribed as a 5 star hotel, 4star hotel etc. So also are Vendors ascribed with star ratings which is measured with regards to how well a Vendor's over all performance has been. Keep in mind that the higher the star rating the better the Vendor's Services.

7. Vendor's Verification: This is a blue tick ✅ immediately after the name of a Vendor. It is the highest feature of AbrakaMall that signifies how trustworthy a Vendor is. Verified Vendor's on AbrakaMall are mostly entrepreneurs who already have a physical location and are already very popular due to the nature of services or products they provide.
Even without a physical location you can still be verified on AbrakaMall, simply contact the admin for verification steps.

8. Vendor's reviews: These are comments made by other customers who have one time or the other purchased from that particular vendor. You should always look out for this when contacting a Vendor on AbrakaMall.
With all these in mind, you are now set to make better decisions when purchasing a product or service on AbrakaMall.
After making your choice, simply scroll down and click on Call or WhatsApp. It all depends on you and what preferred medium you wish to contact the Vendor.
There are certain security measures we have put in place to help keep you safe while buying and selling on AbrakaMall.
Before you call or contact a vendor, there is a red button just above the call and whatsapp button. Kindly click on it.
You can as well scroll down to the end of this pdf to read about How to be safe of AbrakaMall.

Below is a quick summary of how to be safe.

1. Never meet any vendor in a private location. Always meet up in a public and well known areas.

2. Do not pay before you get your product or service. If the service requires that you must pay a certain percentage before hand. Kindly contact a verified Admin to act as an Escrow.

3. Cross check and examine your product to the best of your ability before you make final purchase.

4. Stay away from vendor accounts without profile or brand banner pictures.

5. Stay away from too good to be true products or services.
There's a probably a reason why it's too good to be true. As much as we employ vendors to sell their products or services at relatively cheap prices, there are some which you know in your guts that's its totally unrealistic. For your own good, kindly stay away.
Always send a review about a vendor to the admins whatsapp contact after every purchase, it goes a long way in helping your favorite Vendor stand out or to ensure that Vendors who do not give quality products/Services are evicted from the system.
We take no second thoughts to block or ban any account that pose as a threat to fulfilling our objective.

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